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PayPoint for your store

The smart way to boost business

PayPoint delivers payments and services that customers love, resulting in extra customer visits, increased basket spend and commission in your pocket.

Increase footfall and spending in your shop by offering services that customers love

Why you’ll love it

Over 15 million transactions are processed by over 29,000 PayPoint retailers every week, drawing millions of customers into their stores across the UK.

him’s Convenience Tracking Program 2016 showed that the average PayPoint customer visits the shop more frequently than other shoppers – 4.6 v 3.6 times per week. They also spend more per visit - £7.66 v £6.13, which means they are worth 60% more over a week to you as a retailer – or £35 v £22.

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You'll also get all of this:

  • Contact centre support available 365 days a year

  • Free signage and point of sale

  • Training and ongoing technical support from over 50 field-based representatives

  • Online access to commission statements and more via

  • Commission credited to your bank account weekly

  • Unique to PayPoint - Single Daily Settlement to offset money paid in and out, reducing your banking costs

PayPoint is a leading provider of convenient payment solutions for major consumer service organisations.

Who we work with

PayPoint's industry-leading payments systems give first class service to the customers of over 1,500 clients - utility companies, retailers, transport firms and mobile phone providers, government and more. Below are a selection of our clients: 

PayPoint client logos

The main advantage to us is the huge savings on banking charges

What other retailers say

"We are able to put the takings from both our shops into the ATM, saving us thousands of pounds a year in banking charges. We find that the customers tend to spend the money they take from the ATM in our shop which increases our takings."

Mr Christopher Presland, Twickenham Drive Supermarket, Wirral

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