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PayPoint for your store

The smart way to boost business

Increase footfall and spending in your shop by offering services that customers love, like bill payment, mobile top-ups and money transfers.

PayPoint can help you attract customers to your store who want to make regular cash payments towards their household bills, top up their mobile phones, send and collect parcels, purchase travel tickets and withdraw cash.


Over 15 million transactions are processed by over PayPoint’s 29,000 outlets every week, drawing millions of customers into stores across the UK.


him’s Convenience Tracking Program 2014 showed that the average PayPoint customer visits the shop more frequently than other shoppers – 4.6 v 3.6 times per week.


They also spend more per visit - £7.66 v £6.13, which means they are worth 60% more over a week to you as a retailer – or £35 v £22.


In addition to the terminal, PayPoint also gives you the opportunity to earn additional revenue with a range of extra services such as self-fill ATMs, SIM cards, Western Union money transfers and CollectPlus parcels.


Explore our range of services below and see the benefits PayPoint could bring to your store.

Explore our services

Offering additional services draws more customers to your store, generating additional revenue as well as commission on PayPoint transactions. Choose the services you like and see how your shop will benefit:

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PayPoint Terminal

PayPoint shoppers spend over £35 a week on average, that’s £13 more than your other customers. They visit more often too - 4.6 times a week compared to 3.6 times per week. On average, this means each PayPoint shopper could spend an extra £684 per year in store Source: him! Convenience Tracking Program 2014

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Debit and credit card services

Customers like choice in the way they pay for their shopping. PayPoint's solution accepts chip and PIN and contactless card payments and simply plugs into your PayPoint terminal, saving you valuable counter space. No additional phone line required. Source: him! Convenience Tracking Programme 2014

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ATM cash machine

Our self-fill ATMs recycle the cash generated from your terminal, reducing your bank charges

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SIM cards

PayPoint has the widest range of SIM cards available, with SIM commission paid directly to your bank account and no minimum volume requirements.

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Money transfer

Attract new customers to your store and earn generous commission. Western Union, integrated with PayPoint, provides the only UK solution that does not require a PC.

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Parcels Service

With the growth of home and online shopping continuing, local store-based parcel services like Collect+ are a valuable edge over your competitors. Customers can collect, send and return parcels using Collect+.

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More than just a box

From the moment you sign up for a PayPoint terminal, you have the full force of the PayPoint team behind you - training, preferential rates and special deals, and a Contact Centre that’s open 365 days a year.

What you get

Here to help, wherever you are

Our Territory Development Managers provide you with valuable advice and business support, help train your staff and show you how you can profit from new technology such as our business broadband deal and contactless payments.


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