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A woman using Simple Payment in her local shop
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Simple Payment

Simple Payment is the innovative and award-winning service, delivered by PayPoint and Citi, to replace Cashcheques (known as Giro cheques) for the payment of government benefits, pensions and child maintenance to those who do not use a bank, building society or Post Office card account.

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Since launch, over 1.4 million transactions have been carried out

Simple and secure

The service is delivered on behalf of the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) and enables payments to be made via a secure, bespoke prepaid card or instantly via SMS or email.

Payments are available at over 10,000 PayPoint outlets located in convenience stores, supermarkets and forecourts across the UK. Rollout of the service commenced in October 2012 with the migration of customers successfully completed in April 2013.

Since the launch of the service, over 1.4 million transactions have been carried out. Most strikingly, over 10,000 payments were made over the Christmas and New Year bank holidays in 2013 taking advantage of PayPoint’s extensive network and opening hours at a time when most government offices would typically be closed.

The success of Simple Payment has allowed the Government to discontinue all cheque services with an annual saving to the taxpayer estimated at £15 million.