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Our strategy
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Our strategy

Our mission is to be the market leading provider of multi-channel payments and retail services to major consumer organisations and retailers, delivered through innovative technology and first class service. 

We are committed to developing our business through our retail network and our strong relationships with clients

Future opportunities

We believe there is substantial opportunity for sustainable growth in revenues from products and services to our convenience retailers and by introducing new capabilities that will help them grow their businesses profitably.

For example, the decline of the high street and growth in online retailing leaves community based convenience stores in a strong position to complement online service delivery. This is illustrated by our success in our parcels service, where goods are ordered online but collected and returned in local stores.

The proportion of retail-service based revenues relative to traditional payments will continue to increase and there will be some displacement from cash to digital payments through MultiPay. We have a proven track record of innovation and differentiation in our retail networks, where we have clear market leadership and generate strong returns on capital from our investments.

The payments capability of PayPoint continues to be fundamental to our differentiation and success. PayPoint has had particular strength in cash payments and cash has been and continues to be extremely resilient and is used by millions of consumers for their essential services. PayPoint has grown payment volumes strongly throughout two decades, in which cash has gradually declined as a proportion of all payments. 

To address online and cashless payment growth, we have developed solutions for multi-channel payment systems for non-retail and card and contactless payments in-store, as sources of future growth. We will continue to extend in-store card payments functionality, currently in over 10,000 shops in which contactless payment growth is particularly strong. We will also use MultiPay to establish a strong position to complement our unique strength in cash, enabling us to benefit across the board.

Our mission is to lead the market through innovative solutions and first-class customer service

Driving new solutions

Our new tighter retail focus has allowed us to reshape the business from a group approach to an integrated one, with renewed emphasis on retail innovation.

We will be driving our new solutions to provide the platform for deeper integration into retail store operations and the introduction of further added value applications and services, notably through EPOS.

We will leverage our scale and capability and further extend our geographic footprint. This is in addition to growing our existing retail services portfolio that has performed well over many years, including ATMs, card payments, Western Union, parcels and SIM card sales. We are committed to developing our business through our retail network and our strong relationships with clients and retailers. 

Long-term strategic vision

Our mission is to lead the market in the provision of products to consumer service companies and retailers, through innovative solutions and first class customer service.