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Investor relations

Corporate governance

Here you can find details of the terms of reference for PayPoint's Audit Committee, the Remuneration Committee and the Nomination Committee, in accordance with our obligations under the Combined Code on Corporate Governance

Please get in touch to order a copy of any of PayPoint's Listing Particulars

Terms of appointment

The terms of appointment of each non-executive director of PayPoint plc are also available. Please send a written request to the Company Secretary, addressed to our registered office.

Audit Committee: Terms of Reference (PDF)

Board diversity policy (PDF)

Remuneration Committee: Terms of Reference (PDF)

Nomination Committee: Terms of Reference (PDF)

Delegation of Authority: Terms of Reference (PDF)

Market Disclosure Committee: Terms of Reference (PDF)

PayPoint plc’s statement of ethical principles
— also available to download as a PDF

To order a copy of PayPoint’s Listing Particulars, click here to e-mail your request. Please provide your postal address and we will mail you a copy. Alternatively, you can telephone us on 0207 251 3801.

Registered Head Office and directors’ address:

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Welwyn Garden City
United Kingdom


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